barrio romántico 


Bar El Capricho
Address:  Plaza de San Marcelo, 9

Tapa:Minced meat toast

From 1938 it is possible to taste at El Capricho genuine products from León, e.g. blood pudding, mince meat or tripes. The City Council of Leon declared it a 2002 Leonese Traditional Establishment.





Bar Los Pelayos
Address:  Plaza de San Marcelo, 14

Tapa:Assortment of tapas 

This bar located in the centre prepares this delicious food that generally is not enough to have a complete meal, but gives the perfect occasion to have a wine or a beer. As it is said here “To have a good meal, first it is important to take a good seat”.





Café & Copas El Palco
Address:   C/ Ancha, 4

Tapa:Sweet and salted tapas 

This café opens at 8.30 am so as to offer a wide choice of delicious breakfasts. It serves tapas during the morning and the afternoon, and when the night comes, it gets all dressed up to the nines to become one of the most popular bars of Leon. 





Café Té Houbi
Address: C/ Sierra Pambley, 5

Tapa:Assortment of arab specialties

Rice with octopus, courgette au gratin, brochettes… This place combines perfectly well the products of the land with products of Arab origin sampling; tapas are home-made. Besides, visitors are given a choice between more than 40 different natural teas, oriental pastries, and ice-creams. 





Brewery La Cocina
Address:   C/ López Castrillón, 10

Tapa:Potato omelette and toasts

“La Cocina” is situated in the heart of the Romantic District of the Leonese capital; there it is possible to taste the very best of the traditional gastronomy of the province. It is specialized in offering a selection of toasts. This is also a busy place to have a drink at night. 





Inn del Románico
Address:  Plaza del Cid. C/ Ordoño IV, 12

Tapa:Roasted sirloin

This restaurant is specialized in scrambled eggs with prawns, seafood salmagundi, clams, peppers with bonito and anchovies... In these premises it is possible to taste up to 140 different wine references served with the very best fish of the Cantabrian sea and with excellent red meats.  





Inn Rosetón (Hotel París)
Address:   C/ Ancha, 18

Tapa:Sole loins in a bed of spinach

Located in the centre of the city, this magnificent restaurant is attributed to the Hotel Paris, and welcomes many pilgrims and visitors of this historical city. Both the inn and the cafeteria are amongst the most traditional places of the old part of the city of León. 





Restaurant Cortijo Susi
Address:   C/ López Castrillón, 1

Tapa:Assortment of meat and seafood

This modern restaurant located in the centre of the city has a more than 30 years long experience. They are specialized in international water, national and interna-tional wines, first-quality seafood and international meat coming from Argentina or Ireland. Its service and presence make it be a reference in the Romantic District.  





Restaurant Boccalino
Address:  Plaza de San Isidoro, 1 y 9

Tapa:Special pasta Italian style  

“...where travelers will find all the conveniences in the most historic area of the city of León”.  Here visitors will enjoy the very best food while tasting Leonese and Italian delicacies surrounded by the incomparable San Isidoro Basilica. They also offer housing in a hostel boasting 40 double rooms fully equipped. 





Restaurant La Esponja
Address:  Plaza del Cid, 18

Tapa:Meats and cooked pork meats 

It is a must to taste starters, pork-based meats, red meats, fish and seafood coming right from the sea in this place located in the centre of Leon, in the Romantic district, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy your meal and thank you for visiting us! 





Restaurant La Ruta Jacobea
Address: C/ El Cid, 20

Tapa:Stuffed onion of trout marinated in vinegar and garlic

This charming inn stands near the “Basílica de San Isidoro” and boasts rustic decoration and atmosphere, which will delight visitors. It offers a large choice of dishes à la carte, and also a wide selection of “raciones” and tapas.





Restaurant Zuloaga
Address:  C/ Sierra Pambley, 3

Tapa:Little basket of tomato with crumbled cod and avocado

Located in the former Palace of the Count of Sagasta, the arcade is a national artistic heritage. It boasts a select choice of dishes and a first-class menu of the day. This restaurant houses private dining-rooms for work meetings or familiar celebrations. Interior terrace open during the season. Specialized in fish and red meats. 


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