burgo nuevo 


Bar El Rincón del Burgo
Address:   C/ Burgo Nuevo, 4

Tapa:Pigeons and toasts

This establishment offers a wide range of possibilities as regards tapas and raciones, with the outstanding “pigeons” and the assortment of toasts. First-class pork-based meats, one of their specialties, will delight everyone. Just enjoy the very best of León with a pleasant atmosphere.





Cafetería Las Torres
Address:   C/ Burgo Nuevo, 58

Tapa:Hot potatoes 

Although potatoes are the most characteristic food of this place, it also boasts an excellent restaurant service where it is possible to make a choice between different tasty “platos combinados” (dishes combining many food, generally eggs, mushrooms, salad, pork meat and so on…). 





Cafetería Lleras 38
Address:   C/ Burgo Nuevo, 48


Besides of being one of the most representative tapas of Lleras 38, “paella” (Spanish typical rice dish) is always served here, as it is one of the most demanded dishes amongst those offered in the large menu. It can be tasted either in the interior dining-room or outside in summer. 





Cervecería Odín
Address: C/ Burgo Nuevo, 34 (Pasaje Cine Mary)

Tapa:Your choice

This stylish establishment located in the heart of the Burgo Nuevo, holds the secret of the best bars of the capital: it is always crowded with people longing to savour its wide selection of tapas, always tasty, original and abundant that will be served with the very best wines of the land. 





Real Cervecera
Address:   C/ Burgo Nuevo, 30


In this charming bar, visitors will be given the possibility to taste a very good choice of beers to be enjoyed with excellent tapas. At noon, it is a must to taste the “paellita” (little paella). They also have a dining-room where it is possible to have a good meal while enjoying a cosy and intimate atmosphere. 





Sports Bar León
Address:   C/ Fuero, 7

Tapa:Shrimps with chinese rice noodles

This bar features a sports atmosphere and decoration, while offering the very best of Leonese cuisine. The restaurant proposes a large selection of dishes, and also juicy tapas that will delight anyone. Daily sports broadcasts. 


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