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Bar El Chorco
Address:   Avda. Reyes Leoneses, 14

Tapa:Toast of leonese cecina with virgin olive oil

Its wide range of tapas that can be chosen à la carte by those who love having a good red wine at midday or during the afternoon. The atmosphere here is rather select and the bar opens in the morning to offer the very best tapas: “gulas”, little sandwiches with squids, blood pudding from León...





Café Restaurant Trazo Rojo
Address:   Avda. Padre Isla, 70

Tapa:Crab salad

Both the restaurant menu and the tapas change in this place depending on the season. Here tapas are fresh and tasty in summertime, and stronger and delicious in winter. This central cafeteria stands out thanks to its broad selection of appetizers.





Brewery Cruz Blanca
Address:   C/ Campanillas, 1 y C/ Cruz Roja de León, 4

Tapa:Broad beans with wild boar

Besides this dish, visitors can taste the famous ‘barriletes’, the menus of the day and those of the weekend, raciones and assortments of delicatessen... very important gastronomic references that can be served with a fresh beer kept in the barrels storage room. All this with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.  





Brewery Naguare
Address: C/ Cruz Roja de León, 6

Tapa:Potatoes with brawn

The success of this cafeteria lies in the use of first-class products to prepare home-made tapas and raciones. It is also said that more than 95 per cent of the people coming to Naguare will repeat their visit attracted in the one hand by the good cuisine, and in the other hand by the pleasant atmosphere. 





El Rincón de Ole
Address:   C/ Cruz Roja de León, 8

Tapa:Salad with caramelized apple and goat cheese

This is a different place to be visited in the district of Eras, where it is possible to enjoy a beer self-service and a welcoming dining-room with a menu of the day for any kind of food. The different tapas and the carefully prepared dishes combine perfectly with the exclusive atmosphere where customer are always well-treated. 





Restaurant Don Sancho (Parador San Marcos)
Address:   Plaza de San Marcos, 7

Tapa:Mille feuilles of smoked trout with apple and Valdeón cheese

El Monasterio started its construction in the 16th century. Architects Orozco, Juan de Badajoz, Juni and his school used rocks and wood to create a legacy that makes this Parador be a living museum. It is possible to taste specialties such as the “cocido maragato”, “botillo”, cured “cecina” or the genuine frogs legs. 





Restaurant Formela (Hotel Quindós)
Address:   Gran Vía de San Marcos, 38

Tapa:Leonese blood pudding

This one of the most demanded dishes in the menu of this charming restaurant. This is a typically Leonese dish, easy to prepare but really tasty.  Of course, it should be enjoyed with a wine of our land, either a Prieto Picudo or a Bierzo wine. 





Restaurant Natalio
Address:   C/ Suero de Quiñones, 25

Tapa:Casserole of fish and seafood

In this place guests will enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes. Of course, it is also possible to have a “plato combinado”or some raciones of the most typical and succulent products of the region. At Casa Natalio the atmosphere is sane, and customers are very well-treated.  





Restaurant Cervecería Rancho Chico
Address:   Avda. Reyes Leoneses, s/n

Tapa:Peppers stuffed with meat with a cream of peppers and olives

This restaurant opened recently, and blends very profuse flavours to combine them masterly. It offers high cuisine affordable to anyone, served with the best beer of the area. The atmosphere here is careful and refined, and visitors will feel at  home at this restaurant.  


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