la chantría 


Brewery La Carbonera
Address:   C/ Octavio Álvarez Carballo, 14

Tapa:Potatoes with bacon

It houses a large winery that will delight the most demanding palates, those who are looking for the best wine references of the city. Its tasty assorted tapas are the perfect combination of the products of the land, and change depending on the time of the day when they are served.





Bar Restaurant Tranches
Address:   C/ Las Fuentes, 3

Tapa:Stewed gizzards

This establishment offers many different menus of the day that will meet anyone’s requirements, at a reasonable price. This place’s success lies in a top-quality cuisine, both tasty and traditional, and also in the special personalized treatment given to any customer. It also provides accommodation in the Hostel. 





Café Puerto Banús
Address:   C/ Las Fuentes, 2

Tapa:Selection of toasts

This Café opened recently, it has become a real reference in the area thanks to the variety and the quality provided. It opens early in the morning, and after serving breakfasts, it serves some of the tastiest toasts and tapas of the city. Visitors will be delighted.





Café Restaurant Siglo XX
Address: C/ Fray Luis de León, 26

Tapa:Duck liver with melon caviar

Located in the centre of the modern district La Chantría, this establishment features a cafeteria and also a restaurant offering high cuisine. Here tapas are delicious and exquisite, and will delight the most demanding palates.





Cafetería El Corte Inglés
Address:   C/ Fray Luis de León, 12

Tapa:Vegetables tempura with crusty cecina an peppers sauce

Here tapas have been elaborated using products of the province of Leon, and representing all the regions and the most characteristic products of any of them.   





Brewery Gambrinus
Address:   C/ Padre Javier Valladolid, s/n

Tapa:Gambrinus tapa

This delectable tapa is the specialty of a welcoming, modern and convivial beer place, specialized in a wide selection o dishes to have an appetizer or to have a meal. Tapas are served with excellent beers and wines, and visitors will get a hearty welcome so that they are always satisfied. 





Brewery La Fábrica
Address:   C/ Santos Olivera, 30

Tapa:Octopus Galician style

This place opened recently, and offers costumers a wide selection of beers, combined with a cool Irish atmosphere & style. There are many dishes including the delicacies of the land. They are specialized in serving breakfasts, menus of the day and a selection of tapas. 





La Cantina de Velázquez
Address:   C/ Velázquez, 16

Tapa:Assortment of tapas

The most tastiest tapas and the very best wines are the presentation card of this place where it is also possible to taste a wide selection of dishes and raciones, all of them prepared with a lot of care and using the freshest and most natural products. Visitors will enjoy this place to taste the Leonese flavour.  





Restaurant Brewery Rancho Chico III
Address:   C/ Octavio Álvarez Carballo, 18

Tapa:Frogs legs Leonese style

This place is situated in the modern district named La Chantría, and good taste is combined with the tasty cookery of the land. First-quality products and the best selection of beers cooled in barrels are mixed to offer visitors food and tapas worth mentioning. 


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