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Bar La Farola
Address:  C/ Alfonso V, 5

Tapa:Tongue with liver  

Tongue is another product typical from Leon, and at La Farola it is served like nowhere else. This is a pleasant tavern, also featuring a restaurant service and a good wine list to be savoured both at the bar and in the restaurant.





Bar Miserias
Address:  C/ Álvaro López Núñez, 23

Tapa:Kid cecina

The so-called “God bless us cecina” or kid cecina is the excellence of the Bar Miserias, a place that has a selection of dishes with many similar delicacies. They have a more than 30 years experience, and let’s keep in mind that Ismael, the chef, comes from the famous culinary saga of the Pozo family.





Bar Seaki
Address:  C/ Luis de Sosa, 2


District of Lancia. It has become famous thanks to its cava cocktails, and has become a hit in the world of Leonese tapas with its generous and excellent raciones that are served majestically with the key drink, seasoned with a friendly touch and with an excellent treatment towards customers. 





Café Bar Beltrán
Address: Avda. Dr. Fleming, 48

Tapa:Chickpeas with tripes

The best medicine against pain is having a good meal and at the Beltrán they are well aware about this. This good old bar is specialized in tapas of the land. Chickpeas with tripes are a must and everyone will love them. 





Cafetería Conde Luna (Hotel Conde Luna)
Address:   Avda. Independencia, 7

Tapa:Anchovies with fresh cheese and nectarine with balsamic vinegar

The Cafetería del hotel Conde Luna is the ideal place to have a break while enjo-ying one of our “platos combinados” and tapas or to conclude some business in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in the centre of the city. 





Cafetería Greko
Address:  C/ Alfonso V, 3

Tapa:Prawns Orly style

This stylish restaurant enjoys a privileged location near the Town Hall. It displays a delicious assortment of tapas, with the outstanding Prawns Gabardina style (with breadcrumbs), the masterpiece of this place. 





Cafetería Bar Las Bridas
Address:  C/ Alfonso V, 6

Tapa:Avocado stuffed with prawns and fruit

This establishment is located right in the centre of the city and boasts an excellent family atmosphere. It opens from 11 am and offers customers a carefully chosen selection of tapas and grilled vegetables, as this is their specialty. When the night comes, it becomes a pub with a quiet atmosphere. 





Cafetería polígono 10
Address:  C/ Moisés de León, Bloque 10

Tapa:Potatoes Manchonas

This place is specialized in trout soup and is a pioneer in preparing ‘trout Leonese style’, and therefore it is very renowned, as it has been doing so for more than 28 years now. It has a dining-room with a menu of the day where it is also possible to eat à la carte and taste many specialties. Customers are very well treated, and the place is welcoming. 





House Rafa
Address:  C/ Ramiro Valbuena, 5

Tapa:Anchovies with salad hearts  

This place has been running for more than thirty years, which is already a proof of the tradition of this restaurant that boasts an extensive and excellent menu. They are specialised in dishes of the season, and it is a must to taste their excellent fishes, cooked with skill and mastery. 





Brewery 100 Montaditos
Address:  Centro Comercial Espacio León

Tapa:100 “Montaditos” (little sandwiches)

This bar specialized in beer boasts a clean and lovely atmosphere, and displays up to 100 different little sandwiches. The products used are meticulously selected to offer fresh, natural and high-quality ingredients. Sandwiches are always served just after being baked, and featuring an incredible presentation.  





Hostelry Fernando I
Address:  C/ Los Cubos, 32

Tapa:Crusty mille feuilles of leeks and cod in syrup

This place offers high cuisine with the ingredients and the fundamentals of traditio-nal gastronomy in a unique location, near the historical walls of cubes of the city of León. Moreover, they serve the menu of the day for lunch and for dinner. The inn houses 27 fully equipped rooms. 





Restaurant Alfonso V (Hotel Alfonso V)
Address:  Avda. Padre Isla, 1

Tapa:Tempura of prawns and peppers

This welcoming restaurant offers a carefully prepared cuisine featuring a line of creation and innovation with its own identity, as regards both the dishes’ presentation and the final result. It presents a menu made of products of the season prepared at the time.





Restaurant El Gallego
Address:  C/ Josefina Aldecoa, 1

Tapa:Our salad  

At ‘El Gallego’ they are specialized in braised meat, without forgetting the excellent samples of home-made cuisine offered daily with their raciones and menus or in special dishes during the weekend. It is advised to taste their delicious preparation of sea-food, amongst which one shouldn’t miss the big prawns cooked or the seafood. 





Restaurant El Paraisín
Address:  C/ Moisés de León, 29


This is the most representative tapa of a very traditional establishment, a different place featuring all the flavour of traditional cuisine, where the food not to be missed are octopus and pork shoulder... always served with a smile and with an excellent treatment.  





Restaurant Luniega
Address:  C/ Joaquina Vedruna, 8

Tapa:Small tart of fresh cheese with honey

This place serve succulent breakfasts at the beginning to continue with tasty tapas at midday and in the afternoon. Every weekend they have a different sampling menu featuring six dishes. Eating à la carte, visitors will be given the choice between a wide range of specialties. 





Restaurant Inn Conde Luna (Hotel Conde Luna)
Address:   Avda. Independencia, 7

Tapa:Quail fried egg with straw chips and blood pudding

Located in the commercial centre, very close to the Wet District, it presents an international cuisine and the most typical dishes of Leonese autochthonous cuisine, chosen amongst the best dishes presented at the ‘Festival of Leonese Autochthonous Cuisine’, celebrated yearly in their premises. 





Vinoteca La Cava de Santa Clara
Address:  C/ Santa Clara, 6

Tapa:Hot little sandwiches

This winery offers more than 400 oenological national and foreign references that can be tasted in situ or bought to enjoy them in another place. Almost 50 different bottles are open so that wine lovers can enjoy a glass of them, accompanied with different hot tapas. A wine tasting room is available for courses and for wine presentations. 


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