damp quarter 

The name of this area is not derived from an excess of water but from the number of typical watering holes of another type, where you can try the local wines accompanied by an imaginative repertory of succulent tapas.

It is the heart of the Medieval city and is centred on San Martín Square, popularly known as the Square of Shops. Lanes, little squares, nooks, arcading and colonnades create an atmosphere so different from the city bustle that the visitor rediscovers the unique pleasure of the peaceful stroll amid the life of the markets, shops and bars. The narrow streets evoke the names of guilds like Zapaterías (Shoemakers), Platerías (Silversmiths), and Azabachería (Jetworkers).

You are recommended to stop in the bars and inns here, where the thick glasses and the generous tapas are the ideal prelude to a lunch or dinner in any of the many restaurants that go together to make the Barrio Húmedo a gastronomic paradise.

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