murallas romanas 

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Still standing are parts of the Roman walls that originally formed a quadrilateral round the city that was later surrounded by buildings and then deformed by the restorations of Alfonso V and Alfonso IX with the opening up of new entrances to the city.

They are extant from the so-called Ponces’ Tower, behind the Plaza Mayor, to Puerta Castillo and from there to the Tower of St Isidore’s.

They are made of river stones and mortar with many large ashlars, and many stretches retain their original rubblework.


The Ponce's Tower


The founders of the Ponce de León family were Counts Ponce de Cabrera and Ponce de Minerva, the latter a Frenchman, chamberlain to Alfonso VII and founder of the Monastery of Sandoval and Governor of the Towers of the City. The tower is named after him.


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