count luna's palace 

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Declared a Historical Monument in 1931.

Situated on the square named after the Count, it was built to the orders of Alfonso XI at the beginning of the 14th century.

This palace-cum-fortress stands at the south-west corner of the old wall, which is in very poor repair and hidden by buildings adjoining it, with entrances on Rúa and Conde de Rebolledo Streets. Nevertheless, the corner tower is reasonably well preserved and can be seen between some low buildings.

All that remains of this 15th-century palace is the central part of the front. It is built of ashlars and is almost eleven metres wide. The doorway is Gothic and has a lintel on corbels and a large pointed arch over the tympanum within an alfiz.

Of the three shields on the tympanum the central one, that of the Quiñones in its original form, has the vairs shaped like castles.

There is a 14th-century Mudejar style stone doorway and a wide gallery-type balcony with three semicircular arches on Ramirense style columns with white marble shafts wreathed at the ends and Corinthian capitals with twin rows of plain leaves. A large pointed discharging arch has a plain sunken panel on its tympanum.

There is also a 16th-century tower on a corner of the square that bears the count’s name.


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