the miguel delgado romantic walk around león 

The most traditional cultural event of the festivities of St John and St Peter is the Romantic Walk, which was instituted in 1971, although precedents go back as far as 1949, when a literary contest was organized known as the “Exaltation of Romantic Poetry” having been preceded by irregular literary events. In recent years, the Queen of the Festivities has been present. 

Held amid an atmosphere of fiestas, this even, a nocturnal walk around the city, has been given the following names:

  • Lyrical tour of the city.
  • Lyrico-Theatrical tour.
  • Poetic Walk around the nooks of León.
  • Poetic Walk around the nooks of old León.
  • Lyrical Walk around the nooks of old León.
  • Romantic Walk
  • The Miguel Delgado Romantic Walk, a name first used in 1991, after an enthusiastic organizer.


Although the first walk recorded, planned with the dual historical and literary character, was in 1960, it took place because of extraordinary historical circumstances, and it would not be until 1971 when a “Lyrical Walk around the City” was organized and prose writers and poets wrote about evocative places. Since then it has been easy to follow the themes of the walks, although they have not taken place every year and it is not known who has taken part. City gates, squares, fountains, gardens, convents and -over and over again - the city’s three most significant historical buildings have served as themes for the walk. Though with repetitions, different aspects of the places in question have been the subject of verses. We know that those taking part have had different tastes for they are known to be of all ages and walks of life, and that many never miss a walk, while others - a minority - are sporadic in attendance. The sources of inspiration and styles of those who read their work are also very varied, as there are representations of pure lyricism, literary narrative, legend, description, and the use of historical sources, not all of them generally known, concerning buildings, customs, and so on..


Around midnight on the 26th June, generally after a concert, is when the walk customarily gets under way. It is here that mention must be made of a pure-bred Leonese whose work has served as a mine for stopping points on the walk, and whose kaleidoscopic vision in prose and poetry gave rise to this vision of the city: Miguel Bravo. With the publication in 1935 of his Rincones Leoneses (“Nooks of León”) he filed a nostalgic view of the city in the memory of León, which it has befallen us to remember and partly to reconstruct. The history of our city allows us to discover new things every day, some of them unknown, some forgotten, to be used by historians and writers or those who are simply interested in our city’s past, to hail a new view of old León each year. Since 1994, seven books have appeared on other Romantic walks, presented by His Worship the mayor and the councillor with responsibility for culture.


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