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Address:  Avda. de los Cubos, 8-10 y San Lorenzo, s/n.

Tapa: Surprise  

Surprise: act of surprising, moving or amazing with something unexpected, strange, or incomprehensible. This is exactly what the restaurant itself and this tapa made of brie and creamy rice with vegetables and fish will do. This little surprise will offer many unimaginable sensations.




Bar Bacanal
Address:   C/ Mulhacín, 5

Tapa: Grilled mushroom with potatoes

This is the perfect place to practice the art of having tapas. It is renowned thanks to the grilled mushrooms served with delicious seasoned potatoes. El Bacanal is the ideal place to continue the party when the night comes. It also has a summer terrace. 




Bar El Garbanzo Negro
Address:   C/ Castañones, 2

Tapa: Chickpeas with tripes

This place offers a wide selection of wines to enjoy its tasty “tapas” and “raciones”. It stands out thanks to many specialties: blood pudding, chickpeas with tripes and trout soup. Here there are many different “raciones” that are all delicious, as they have been conceived to satisfy hunger for real culinary delights. 





Bar El Indio
Dirección: C/ Murias de Paredes, 4

Tapa: Braised omelette

El Indio opens its doors from the very early morning. It is the ideal place to have a delicious breakfast, but also to savour tasty “tapas” and “raciones” both cold and hot that vary depending on the season. This bar is a reference in the Wet District, and is characterized by its genuine American scenery. 





Bar El Infierno
Address:   C/ Zapaterías, 12

Tapa: Bonito Tapa

This establishment is more than 30 years old. It is famous thanks to its pork meats typical of the Leonese mountains, not to mention salads and omelettes that are always a delight. It s a reference in the Wet District, as it has a lot of experience and customers are always well treated.  




Bar El Rincón del Gaucho
Address:   C/ Azabachería, 1

Tapa: Soap 

In addition to the delectable garlic soup, it is also possible to taste many other tapas, such as excellent hot potatoes or little pigeons and gulls. The “raciones” of snails, crabs, quails legs, pork chop, frogs’ legs are simply a delight.  If you come once, you’ll repeat. 




Bar H2O
Address:   C/ Zapaterías, 14

Tapa: Not-only-bread 

Here “tapas” have a specific name: ‘Not only bread’. You just have to go there to prove it, as you will taste delightful bread “tostas” (toasts) with excellent cured ham slices. The H2O is a reference is this area. It is also possible to have “raciones” and barmen are very pleasant and considerate. 





Restaurante Jabugo
Address:   Plaza de San Martín, 6

Tapa: Jabugo Salad 

This establishment is located in the central San Martín Square. It is famous thanks to its excellent tapas, the perfect combination of the tastiest products of the Leonese land. It offers a great range of appetizers and tapas, and also an important selection of “raciones” served with care and with a smile. 





Bar La Alpargata
Address:   C/ Azabacherías, 6

Tapa: Stewed ear

Other specialities are “cojonudos” (grilled quail eggs), consommé, hot in winter, and “gazpacho” cold soup very appreciated in summer. People can have a seat in a welcoming place to taste pork-based meats and many “raciones”: cecina (dried beef), cheese, peppers from the Bierzo region, tripes…




Bar La Noria
Dirección:   C/ Plegarias, 16

Tapa: Tigers 

This traditional bar located in the heart of the Wet district has a lot of experience in serving tapas and “raciones” realized with first quality products such as ham, omelette, tripes or squids. 





Bar Latino
Address:  Plaza de San Martín, 10

Tapa: Bacon stuffed with prawns and cheese sauce

This place stands out because all the ingredients and raw materials are perfectly selected. The tapas served here are very renowned; they are abundant and really appetizing, as much as the dishes of the menu that boasts first-class gastronomic delicacies that will delight the most demanding palates.   





Bar Mr. Rodríguez
Address:   C/ Misericordia, 3

Tapa: Fried chicken 

This establishment is renowned all over the capital thanks to its specialty, fried and roast chicken. It can be tasted either in tapas or in “raciones”, in the bar or at home. It also features a wide selection of “raciones” and “platos combinados”(dishes combining many food) that will delight all those who go to the Wet District. 





Bar Rebote
Address:  Plaza de San Martín, 9

Tapa: Croquette

This bar proposes excellent home-made croquettes and typical “tostas” with blood pudding Leonese style. This is the secret of the success of this place located in the heart of the Wet District that is always crowded with people. Those who are looking for the most genuine savour of the capital shouldn’t miss this place.





Bar Restaurante El Abanico
Address:   C/ Zapaterías, 14

Tapa: Traditional varieties 

This central restaurant has become the favorite place of many pilgrims who come here to appease their hunger with gastronomic delicacies served here as tapas, “raciones” and dairy menus boasting an excellent quality and presentation. 





Bar Restaurante El Vagón de Cardiles
Address:   C/ Pozo, 2

Tapa: Convoy of the Wagon

This place is decorated in a railway style to accompany those who will take a seat at this restaurant to savour the delights served here. It has two dining-rooms where the menu of the day is served, and also a wide choice of dishes where we can chose between up to 36 starters. Specialized in ‘cod wagon style’ and red meats. 




Bodega Regia
Address:   C/ Regidores, 9-11

Tapa: Stewed “sangrecilla”  (coagulated blood)

This is the most representative tapa of this place since it opened its doors as a tavern in the fifties, right in the San Martín square. Nowadays it can be tasted in the restaurant in very little occasions. 





Casa Lorenzo
Address:  C/ Mariano Domínguez Berrueta, 9

Tapa: Cheese and pork-based meats

Everything is original and simple here. Visitors will be given the possibility to taste different flavors of cheese and pork-based meets, seasoned with excellent oils and with the herbal cocktail that is the best kept secret of this place, located in a historical and genuine spot of the Wet District. 





Degustaciones Tradicionales
Address:  C/ Mariano Domínguez Berrueta, 6

Tapa: La Pitanza

The pork-based “raciones” of this place, with the place’s speciality named ‘la Pitanza’ will delight every palate. They are served with farmhouse bread, of cour-se. 





Mesón El Tizón
Address:  Plaza de San Martín, 1

Tapa: Potato omelette

Visitors will be visiting the doyen of the establishments of the renowned Wet District, with more than 32 years of experience. It is specialized in potato omelette, in addition to a great variety of “raciones” among which we could quote Leonese pork-based meats. 





Mesón La Despensa
Address:  C/ Cabeza de Vaca, 3

Tapa: Grilled egg with Leonese blood pudding

Here it is possible to choose between a wide range of tapas served with wine, grape juice or beer with the outstanding tapa called gilled egg. They also have a menu of the day and an important selection of “raciones”. They are specialized in beef and frogs’ legs. 





Restaurante El Besugo
Address:  C/ Azabachería, 10

Tapa: Stuffed pepper, the place’s speciality

This place was founded in 1924. They propose both bar and dining-room service, offering a wide range of tapas including Leonese typical cuisine samples. Special home-made vermouth. El Besugo was given a price in the last Fair of the Tapa of León.  





Restaurante El Palomo
Address:   C/ Escalerilla, 8

Tapa: Duck cutlet with orange sauce and caramelized onion

Restaurant since 1898, and was bought by the present owners in 1960 (the third generation of this family is running the place now). It alternates both traditional cuisine and the new trends of gastronomy. It has a very good menu featuring more than 80 dishes, to be tasted with more than 200 different wines. 





Restaurante La Balconada
Address:   C/ Plaza Mayor, 28

Tapa: Assortment of toasts

Sitting in one of the two dining-rooms, visitors can admire the Main Square from the typical balconies while enjoying many specialties of the traditional Leonese cuisine, accompanied with the excellent wines proposed in the wine list. 





Restaurante La Catedral
Address:  C/ Mariano Domínguez Berrueta, 17

Tapa: Products of the soil

In this restaurant it is a must to ask for the tastiest products offered in Leon: cecina, minced meat, cheese and many other delicious tapas. This restaurant is specialized in traditional cuisine, intended for both groups and companies, and also for individuals, while offering the best atmosphere of the city centre. 





Restaurante La Traviata
Address:  Plaza Mayor, 19

Tapa: Zucchine Ripiene

The restaurant ‘La Traviata’ is situated in the incomparable centenary surroundings of the Main Square in the Leonese capital. Here a wide range of delicacies can be tatsted, either by having some tapas or in the extensive menu that combines both Leonese traditional cuisine and the delights of Italian gastronomy. 





Restaurante Nuevo Racimo de Oro
Address:  Plaza de San Martín, 8

Tapa: Moyano Tapa

In the heart of the old district of León, it offers locals and foreigners a subtle blend of tradition and modernity, enhanced by a wide selection of wines of the land. The head chef José A. Moyano proposes intuitively and harmoniously this suggestive combination of flavors and textures. He received a prize in the Fair of the Tapa of León. 





Restaurante Jabalquinto
Dirección:  C/ Juan de Arfe, 2-1º

Tapa: Duck brochette

This chic restaurant is magnificently located in a former palace that dates back to the 17th century, where art and gastronomy blend to give an exceptional atmosphere. This unique architectonic place combines harmoniously modern art and ancient elements. 





Restaurante Sidrería El Escaño
Dirección:  Cuesta de las Carbajalas, 6

Tapa: Matambre

Visitors won’t be disappointed when going to this charming restaurant where every culinary offer is a surprise. They offer not only this original and innovative tapa, but also genuine grilled mixed dishes and Leonese traditional cuisine. They are specialized in offering meals for groups and for companies. The menu of the day is a good option too. 





Taberna Leonesa El Llar
Dirección:  Plaza de San Martín, 9

Tapa: Potatoes with two sauces: “alioli” and Valdeón chees

This tavern featuring the very best of the Leonese traditional savours is situated in the Wet District. In this place visitors will enjoy the most exquisite products of the soil. All of them are natural products and are gently home-made. The restaurant boasts an important choice of dishes. 


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