the botines building 

By the great architect Gaudí in the Neoclassical style. The groundplan is trapezoidal and there are towers on the corners topped out with pinnacles. The windows are inspired in those of the triforium of the Cathedral. Over the doorway there is a sculpture of St George and the dragon. The building was designed for the textile trade on the ground floor and lower ground floor, while the other four floors were to be rented accommodation.  

It is built with limestone ashlars from the mountains of León, rusticated, with discontinuous joins because of the different sizes of the pieces, which contrasts with the finer work of the slants and foiled arches of the lights. For functional reasons, Gaudí first used the open plan, so the two floors for commercial use have no structural walls other than the stairwell, the girders resting on twenty-six cast-iron pilasters. The building is surrounded by a dry moat for lighting. The iron railing around the moat is especially interesting, as it originally had stone pillars finished off with the figures of lions.

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